22 April 2008


Yes, you broke the mirror – finally.
That cabalistic air of magnanimity
which makes those rare and weird
decisions climbed unprecedented
heights of raw absurdity today. Is
it true of your sorority? If I believed
you knew of what it did I’d say it
might not matter – but you set a
program loose to clean where you
assumed a need. It begs a pressing
question. Can any of you read?

Fey calamity thus rules this anarchy of
playing poets’ egos; now I know your
day routine’s a trite and meaningless
agenda to invite raw data in the form
of hits. It matters not a whit for quality –
So call it an indecency by any truthful
name. You prime a data miner in a way
to ferret words you say are banned as
core of common decency dictates. Can
we have a list? No way Hosea you’ll say.

That, my non-poetic friend, won’t rate.
You set a pace that lowered standards
long before we ran the race. You’ve let
the best and worse to freely interface.
So cheek by jowl we drool a common
rheum that stultifies not one but all.
And you get rated not by verse that
sings in praise of words well used –
but tools you use to make our poems
clean enough for ridicule...
© 4 April 2008, I. D. Carswell

Poem Hunter.Com Administration censored

access to 20 of my poems today. There were
1190 on my home page at the time. Most of

the poems censored had been there for over a
year. I have not taken kindly to it. As a result
that particular Site will not have access to any
more than 100 of my poems at a time.