19 April 2008


Unlikely friends –
the darker one, immune
to mind shaping diseases
of faux egalitarianism and
opaque society, can choose
to leave when & if he pleases.

Stays for the time being. Sings
and plays guitar with ease
borne of absolute confidence
and sure ability. His friend,
white and well read with no
ambition, adulates him.

They cling to new beliefs of
equity earned and shared in
harmoniousness of friendship,
breaking ground where their
upbringing would sunder
fragile and rare scaffolding.

You’ll have to leave, he says –
here is killing the light in you.
Here you will only be white...
Come with me to the City
of chameleon sun, the
carousel of changing colours.
© 31 march 2008, I. D. Carswell