19 April 2008

Making Waves

Hey, I’m onto something!
I can get a bigger dick AND
better University degree by
subscribing to a shonky
web-site. It’s all too easy!

And I’ve won an all-expense-
paid trip to the Caribbean!
No kidding – in a phone-call
where I hung up before
they reversed charges!

All I have to do is provide
someone’s credit card
details... Instant success!
Immediate recognition!

So why write poetry for the
few able to read or write
more than five words without
losing track of the first, or

even fewer who recognise
critical mass of an
ego is not irrefutable
proof of great ability.

And to think I could be in
the Caribbean with a bigger
dick and inflated degree –
making even larger waves!
© 1 April 2008, I. D. Carswell