08 April 2008

Days When Nothing Goes Right

One of those days when nothing
goes right, not that I believe in them;
this mind takes peculiar delight
in making bizarre connections.

First a USB backup device that
misplaced its driver – not once,
but twice, yet effects a proxy by
sleight of hand. Don’t ask me how,
it seems to be more coincidence
than effect of sinister renderings.

Then there is the pile of things to
pack away on the kitchen bench
before you get to coffee grinder
and make the morning brew.

To find I forgot to grind this day’s
batch last night – alright, it was
yesterday’s mistake! But only a fool-
hardy soul grinds coffee at 05:30am,
the grinder’s whine is the worst
offence a sleeper can awaken to.

And how often has that last shred of a
toilet roll come to hand when you’re
compromised completely with damn
wicker container blatantly empty?

But the gremlins are at work today –
it isn’t raining – as we were assured
it would be. And no rain means we
can go out into the Orchard at last.

All I have to do is wake the team, still
fast asleep, & somehow do it gently!
© 13 February 2008, I. D. Carswell