08 April 2008

M’s Adolescent

Okay, Queen of Charades, what’s your
next manifestation? We’ve done the
baseball caps backwards bit today and
worn the shades indoors to death.

Can’t see it’s cool with jeans more off
than on, especially when the aspect of
an ass revealed suggests this one needs
depilation urgently – or a saving shave.

But you claim it’s not the fashion that
enslaves you – it’s being seen. Hell, I
dressed that way a student paid to go
to school all those long years ago.

Didn’t care who saw me in whatever
way back then. But now you say you’re
not a queen, that you’re a princess, which
means, I guess, we’re friends again.

Or do you just want me drive
you to the Mall for ice cream?
© 13 March 2008, I. D. Carswell