23 April 2008

Deafening Draw

I am incensed – perhaps you’d try a
neutral view before a yellow card to
send me from the field. Used to coach
the game, even refereed between
the heady days as player and it’s after-
math – when wives apply a tourniquet;
it didn’t help to ease the angst.

I know the rules we see are less the
cause than laws ignored which pay
a patriot to lie and thieve. But what I
saw and heard today is way beyond
belief. The referee’s a cheat! True, it
is a hopeless case; how would you
prove he meant a side to lose?

Take another face, ask how one could
make a grace of missing obvious and
easy rulings in a field of consequence.
Consistency allows you to conclude
the bastard didn’t care who won – and
nearly did! But if a tie ensues in place
of rational debate on rulings left to
chance there’s no ‘for free’ defence.

A team which played within the rules was
conned, denied a win it earned because
a referee decided that despite the law
this game would end a deafening draw.
© 5 April 2008, I. D. Carswell