23 April 2008


Little inconsistencies build alibis;
you’ve seen an innocent idea
become a ‘planned progression’,
a meagre pandering of teen ego and
expansion into vacant space. It is
a universal trait for sure; an escapade
and not an accident or act of nature
– nor uncommon aberration.

They say, we’re going where no man
or woman has before – was always
planned, rational in effect so there,
conscious choice, an exercise of
free will; we know precisely what
we’re doing, happily accept it
as our fate. We are not afraid.

Sure – no suggestion it came after
fashion veered or immersion in
orgies of self-indulgence. A long,
narrow road to self-actualisation
materialised, obliquely exposed by
innovative investigatory technique
comprising binge beer-drinking
with your peer-group mates.
© 5 April 2008, I. D. Carswell