04 April 2008

Electoral Death For Lies

Was easy to address the mob with Johnnie’s lies,
one used the sullen rhetoric of mini-man on verbal
stilts, nitrazepam and facile guilt. If it didn’t calm
the crowd – then try another cut in income tax,
who gave a stuff if interest rates were wracked
as long as they (the mob) were on a spending
spree. It had to end eventually and did when
Johnnie died electoral death for lies he sired
in an uncontested paternity suit.

And now his eager protégé, Malcolm of the
Haute Couture, mouths on with platitudes
in bleats of empty air; the blame for rising
interest rates, he says, is Labor’s Workplace
policy, not bribes with cash for votes they’d
done for years! I ask you mate – what dope’s
he on? It’s bloody good but won’t suffice for
what we’ve learned by listening to the truth
for once – stuff that we ain’t heard in years!
© 6 February 2008, I. D. Carswell