25 April 2008

Flights Of Ducks

Two flights of ducks impressed us
as we walked the dam, forty birds
dismount from wings which hang 

in air above the plane, gliding 
in with ornate ease. 

Excited dogs dash eagerly to swim 
the chase, heads a-bob their pencil 
wakes write random lines, breaking 
rhyme to twist and turn and
make no way. 

Today they swim again without 
success as is the case most days, 
it takes determined dogs and
stamina they don’t possess to 

best a duck. 

The wary quacks have learned our 
dogs don’t need too much encouragement 
to leave their space, they swim in fun, 
pirouette with grace and take to wing 
when sense dictates the show has run.
© 8 April 2008, I. D. Carswell