09 April 2008

Friday Kind Of Day, a

It’s a Friday kind of day,
a feeling that steals up
on you first thing – like
a happy realisation this
is not just another of
those ordinary breaks
of day – it’s Friday!

But I can’t recall why it
had to be a Friday to be
special. I still remember
birthdays which hadn’t
fallen on that day – they
were special, and those
long awaited holidays.

No, it’s not the mystery
of being Friday – it’s way
too complex to be all in
a simple name, the haul
of a working week gave
somewhat of a claim to
fame, a lasting mystique.

But this special kind of
feeling says it’s a Friday
kind of day because you
know with absolute and
gorgeous certainty that
things are going to be
so different tomorrow!
© 15 February 2008, I. D. Carswell