17 April 2008

Gourmet Baked Beans (sequel)

Baked beans, you say, not this
overrated dish – I wish you’d
listen carefully. I’m no gourmet
seeking flavours which infuse the
senses heightened, brightening
a common plate. I only wanted
beans the way they are in cans.

I am ashamed. I failed again to
understand your simple needs –
seduced by thoughts which hold
that cooking is a therapy. While
you accept it as right to exercise
on any night, you might relent
and spare a thought for me!

Baked beans are more the vogue
than merely opening a can! I saw
an opportunity to plan a meal with
love beyond a twist of wrist. Sauté
a bit of bacon chopped, tomato,
basil, garlic, chilli ground to paste –
add baked beans & soured cream.

Toast took extra time to make...
© 1 April 2008, I. D. Carswell