17 April 2008


A pompous donkey – fine
evocative taxonomy you
should agree, although
pomposity won’t gel that
well with ‘ass-like’ (or is
it ‘asinine’?) activity.
For mine I’d rather see a
closer fit – one that trips
with pure hilarity.

Bluefoot Boobie knits as
consummate in clumsiness,
but may not favour rank and
raw stupidity – nor match that
bit which hangs unsheathed
for all to see. Thus dickless
he is not. But what a play
on words..., a shame we’ve
got to find a better name.

Let’s call him ‘ray! Who – ‘ray?
you’ll say when someone asks
his name. Now let your fertile
brain invent a swathe of hints
on how to raise a ribald laugh
in any vulgar way you can.
But best of all is what you’ll say
the moment that he goes away.
Oh Lah, you’ll say. Hip, Hip, Hooray!
© 30 March 2008, I. D. Carswell