03 April 2008

Hope Eternal Springs

Oh, yes, I love you still although you’re gone,
a love that palls in tortured tears forlorn;
you paid a torrid price in sudden death –
lie buried now beside your one excess.
So long ago I said you’d be the one
to whom I’d find it hard to say goodbye,
foresight I’d rather never saw the sun,
it meant I was the one to see you die.

My hands are bound by simple rule of lore
with no reprieve for curiosity,
You knew, I know – but chose thus to ignore,
and lore has no such generosity.
Your ardent spirit sings within our dreams,
a sign we see that hope eternal springs.
© 5 February 2008, I. D. Carswell

For Carter Carlos of Ferny Wood (rip)