03 April 2008

Freedom To Choose

No, he corrected them, I did not leave
you. I have always been here, putting
into words my hopes and fears for all of
humanity. You, on the other hand, made
journeys to faraway lands, listened to
false seers, found more in your own image.
You returned, accusing me of deserting
you. I have never wavered from my path.

Although lonely too I neither asked nor
dissuaded you, believed in the freedom to
choose. You’ve made your choices willingly,
for good or bad, and must live with the price
you paid – as I must live with mine. But I still
hear the cries of innocents pleading; if I have
to die so you’ll believe – I shall, meantime
I’m leaving. Be relieved, this is goodbye.

© 18 February 2008, I. D. Carswell