20 April 2008

New Carpet Era

New beginnings achieved
with less trauma and more
economy, if memory serves
me true, than on previous
iterations. But strange
perturbations are minor
bumps in a new carpet era.

Old is rolled and stacked
functionally, old memories
lying like hollow pillars in
places where traffic grazes
edges cautiously. Tho’ naive
of chaos and disorder there
is a quiet dignity.

Thus it may be while you seek
stasis of mind – the furniture
of your reasoning blinds
paraphernalia. Placemakers
removed or relocated are
not forgot – familiar rules bind
where convenience cries.

Space is redefined in new
venture currency & yet to be
clear spatial relationships.
Nothing will be thrown away
until you’ve moved everything
this way and that – satisfied old
Gods and recognised new.

You sleep a deep and active
sleep tonight, piecing together
a mosaic of what you shall keep.
I wait as you play with memories
and plan futures – these are the
grist of woman’s things. But the
study, I repeat, is mine.
© 2 April 2008, I. D. Carswell