20 April 2008


where y’all
gonna run
now ev’rbody
know you
on the lam?

What y’all done
to run so hard? –
Y’all started thinkin’
criminal; Man, you
the victim, been done
bad, that’s a fack.

Sho’ – ah’m sad fo’
you bro, but taint gonna
pay mah rent havin’
bad feelin – so ah’m
hot aftah you ass just
like the rest of them.

An’ – ah gotta to say this,
s’mighty fine bounty
they’s gonna pay. Y’all
should be proud
they’s rated you so.
Wassas you sayin’?

You gimme free agency
fo’ 10%. Fo’ why? –
Showin’ sympathy?
Hey – that appeals.
‘N fo’ sho’ ah’ll
return the deal!
© 3 April 2008, I. D. Carswell