20 April 2008

Political Dementia

Amounted to precious little
thinking didn’t it? As much
needed to know no-one will
be clear-cut winner – principle
of the thing obscured by being
neither right nor wrong; an
impasse buried in a dream of
partisan reasoning. For all
28 years status quo remains.

But for the poor and homeless
and a few estranged from
mainstream self-seeking it was
a chance to be heard & seen.
Wow ‘em with scintillating
rhetoric a chant said and they did –
nothing’s going to change, wear
outrageous shirts, hang it out.

Whereas courting common good
seems a better cure for poverty,
eases grieving hearts and minds
more than letting greed cut the
cake, what does it take to return
an autocracy in dementia to a
benign state of benevolence?

Assassination some would say,
a strong dose of anarchy at
risk of courted martial law.
Maybe the song should be –
“Goodbye Robert Mugabe,
Thanks for the Memories” as
they respectfully turn off his
ailing life support...
© 3 April 2008, I. D. Carswell