26 April 2008

Real Spam, Thankyou Ma’am

or for croquettes.
The soft boiled eggs seedi,
god bless the life
of my master.

The emperor confine me long.

Frankly, said douglas,
i could for independence.
She saw that aunt bessie did
ragged, undisciplined lot,
with cylindrical hats no more,
but clung heavily to the walls,
and by of local pottery.

During the purchase,
he contrived the week
carol heard how select an attendance
he spoke particularly
dryly when he said this.

Mary rigged up for
the robinsons' dance.
She goes articles,
i buy them from sailors, usually
at the two men closed,
fighting for possession of me
after all those disgraceful familiarities.

He'd given us one clue
one simple little clue
as over prairie flowers,
over umbrageoustrees and.
© 11 April 2008, I. D. Carswell

This is the genuine article spam – text
from the body of a spam email. I only
provided the form it is now in. It is at
the least kind of funny and at best,
given one has a sense of humour –
poetically intriguing!