27 April 2008

Spam - Ultra Allure Pheromones

Spam - Ultra Allure Pheromones
Remember how it was when your dream girl
shot you down? A calamity – you, steeped in
self-pity, drowned in a liberal dash of sorrow
with bitterness and some regret. My friend
you won’t have to go that route again!

Pheromones will save your ass from friendless
emptiness. They’re chemically secreted scents
enhancing one’s attractiveness in natural ways,
proved to work for lonesome men, guaranteed
to make a wearer more attractive to the female
sentiment regardless of their age. Look at some of
these testimonials that we received from 100%
satisfied repeat customers – guaranteed:

"I had trouble meeting girls. They’d walk by me as if
I wasn’t there. I felt they did it purposely, ignoring me
because conceit and snobbishness were aired. Now,
with Ultra Allure Pheromones, it's a breeze, it’s THEY
who’ll usually smile at me to break the ice, make
that first vital contact of the eye." Robert K, Boise Idaho
"Saw you guys offered money back guarantees,
thought I’d have a try. How glad I am, my first Ultra
Allure night four different girls asked me what it was –
and what I was doing later. Now I don't leave the house
without Ultra Allure – it’s my (not so) secret weapon! I
honestly contend this product truly works, women are
drawn to you once they catch a whiff of scent."
Brad M. Kentucky

We receive dozens of emails daily just like these!
Don't be left out! Pheromones have been studied
extensively and profiled on such media outlets as CNN,
Oprah Winfrey show, ABC, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, and
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specials will be discontinued within the next few days!
© 12 April 2008, I. D. Carswell

While this is mostly text taken from an Ultra Allure
spam email I’ve exercised a few poetic liberties.
It almost smells as sweet as promised!