27 April 2008

Slice Of Macca

...That ABC Sunday mornin’ reporter,
y’ know the show, ‘Australia All Over’?
What’s ‘is name? It goes something
like F*ck Off Macca doesn’t it? Well,
that’s what everyone says when ‘e
comes on anyway. Bloke with a wit
dry as Simpson sand, talks to dorks
by phone – been everywhere man!

Dunno ‘bout F*ck Off Macca, but th’
Macca goes with Ian MacNamara, ‘n
he’s been with the ABC 20 years.
Used to play with the Joy Boys back in
the 70’s. Can’t say I listen to him by
choice but every Sund’y mornin’ two
million listeners do. All y’ gotta do is
wake early, turn on th’ bloody radio.

Macca’s a tradition in what is th’ real
Australia – not everybody’s cup of tea.
But that don’t bother ‘im. He likes what
he hears and says what he thinks off-
the-cuff. He’s not rough as he sounds
neither ’n real Australians love him for
that. It’s what they mean sayin’ there’s
more to be had in a slice of Macca.
© 13 April 2008, I. D. Carswell