10 April 2008

Survival Room – A New Broom

And so he wasn’t there; Nick Minchin claims he
wasn’t on the stair – and wasn’t there again
today, I wish that he’d stay away. He’s not to
blame says Nick, we focussed fair and square
on outcomes – didn’t understand the game or
see a proper need. John Howard’s not the man
to hang – blame it on a creed disposed to think
of costs and not a “what and why” Apology to
stop the graphic bleeding of a grieving Nation.

So John, he stayed away again – a mean wee
manikin who staged his last hurrah. You’ll note
that Johnny’s sycophants were toxic quiet – an
eerie sleight of lip replaced endemic diarrhoea,
but then, to swim in shit like gravid pigs one
learns to not let waves get big! He’s earned
his place in History, a sad and sorry eyebrow’s
gloom behind horn rims, an unmoved inability
refuting he’s (God forbid) also an Australian.
© 14 February 2008, I. D. Carswell