29 April 2008

This Working Day

Wednesday, April 16 and back to work;
the first new-season avocado pick awaits
when dew eventually vacates the Orchard
grass; an early sun suggests a balmy Autumn
day. It won’t be hard to start again, I say –
a trifle unconvinced. Although awake since
4am I’m fresh and ready to engage.

The chicks now number fifteen hatched
with one to come, not great success from
twenty one we set just three weeks back.
They’re huddled in a tidy gang beneath
the lamp which warms their brooder box,
the warmest spot they’ll learn to leave
to feed and drink – and grow and crap!

When at six weeks with feathers fledged
they’ll be released to strut and scratch on
grass within the chicken run. By then a
second batch will come of age. Sun’s first
rays glance eagerly through window pane
on cooling breeze of frosty breath, subtly
suggests we start this working day.
© 16 April 2008, I. D. Carswell