29 April 2008

To See Or Not To See

I know I said let me
grow old disgracefully,
and I meant it when I
said it way back then.

And life progressed
quite usefully towards
that shamelessness I
sought – until I thought
I couldn’t see at all so
well to best enjoy
my earned profligacy.

Thus today I say,
for Heaven’s sake,
it’s these useless glasses,
take ‘em off my ancient face;
I’d rather see a friendless
blur than endless minute
scratches on the lens.

The focal length is too
precise – two hands and
one half spans to be
exact; more or less than
that, suffice to say –
is sightless misery.

To see or not to see
may be my fate unless
I can engender a debate
on cataracts, removal of,
and find
an ophthalmologist
who will agree!
© 17 April 2008, I. D. Carswell