16 April 2008


A gift of rich olfactory sense does not
concede to lesser brains, tho’ touch &
eye’s caress refrain accords to scents
intense expressions of munificence.

To taste and hear the depth & breadth
of you is nature’s food in savours awe,
fare for reverent voluptuaries, a pure
assemblage blessed in flavours true.

Dine upon this silkiness of lightly salted
limbs imbued with sultry smile, plumb
in luscious lips imbibing sweetest liquors
dipped in honey dew, hear in lilting tones

the fragile moans crescendo in delight of
rhythms huge, ply lubricious offerings in
chords composing fugues to orchestrate
exotic heights – unique each time anew.

Why seek beyond a bearded smile which
swallows solitude? Be drawn within a
sanctum viewed with eyes closed tight,
denied the reach in thighs of night.

No guile alone will breach rigidity or ease
obliqueness of intent, you’re meant to be
a slave to bushes burnt and blushes bright;
I say to you slow down – enjoy your plight.
© 29 March 2008, I. D. Carswell