02 May 2008


Was I meant to be relieved or
devastated? I concede no emotion
readily identified – plainly a case
of no prickable conscience in me!
Yet strangely I don’t feel estranged.

But when I say it left me cold she
ignores the chatty pause implied,
stops listening automatically. So,
she says icily, meaning “so what?”
but stated like – get a life already!

The ad didn’t make a conceivable
statement I start to say, realising
at once it had or I’d have not taken
notice – was farcical, no-one is that
inept at washing clothes!

Not about clothes dummy – about
making amends; chicken saagwala
says sorry for humiliation of having
to wear a shrunken pink stained footy
jersey & ruined white business shirt.

Would’ve been easier to buy a new
white jersey and business shirt first
I suggest, avoiding adversity & angst.
Why? she asks amazed; then the ad
wouldn’t have made any sense!
© 23 April 2008, I. D. Carswell