03 April 2008

A Dam Without Grebes

Around here they say – while weather
vacillates, a full dam equates to grand
security; today, again, we bathed so
lavishly that water runs away. But
grebes that hitherto had lived uneasily in
shallows have a wide expanse of water
to command – and do with glee. Wings
a-blur he walked on water easily as I
drove by. She hid as is her way, while he,
I saw, waited in the weed before he made
his dash – a crass poseur who guessed
that I was greatly pleased. Which I am!
We share a common view. As long as
he is pleased to live with me I know my
farm is safe. Should he leave – I’d need
evaluate the augury; a dam without the
grebes is one I’d not abide so easily...
© 21 February 2008, I. D. Carswell