07 April 2008

Heaven Is An Orchard (On Earth)

I would want to seem more frank
than coin a well used phrase of
rank like; ‘heaven is a place on earth’ –
and leave it to its own device.

The play on words says nothing
nice about a castle in the sky which
needs so much explained – whichever
way you come to it.

So where, in all reality, is this place
of bliss? Can you take me there today?
Is your Paradise just off the track,
a hundred miles away?

Its bona fide real I’d guess. Or am I remiss?
I must have missed the gilded key,
a fallacy in kind. It’s here, you say,
on earth! But wait, I’m blind – you stress.

So where exactly is this thing? Up in
the air or in the mind? I’d find it here
amongst my trees, but I digress, an Orchard
is a place on earth – and nothing less.
© 22 February 2008, I. D. Carswell