07 April 2008


It’s that time of year when 2nd tier hysteria
arraigns its claim to pride of place; Australia
likes to make a meal of things community.
This week’s electoral race for Queensland
local bodies is a break from State events or
Federal politics – and yes, we’re sick of it.

This year the Sunshine State combines a
glut of tiny Shires to make a smaller pot of
what we knew was wasted. The roar which
had ensued is now a purr and candidates
all grovel for an easy stake of voter grace –
grinning from a poster row of pasty faces.

We are besieged by leaflets tolling tales of
wondrous things for our due benefit. Its
mostly shit disguised in sterling promises,
belies the parlous state in minor politics
where blatant lies are policies surmised as
rosy truths we all advisedly will surely see.

Put candidates in one great ring, arm them
all with toilet rolls, ensure they’re told
quite speciously the few left standing in one
week will win a place in governance – of
Mozambique or Romania. Or anywhere...
But not, for Heaven’s sake, just here...
© 13 March 2008, I. D. Carswell