15 June 2008

Anchored (rev)

Formerly: Anchored In Her Ever-Brimming Heart

She knew the words and whispered
them as mantras softly trilled, her
hands were butterflies and fluttered
light and easy never still, her eyes
devoured with eager bites and
savoured all the sweet delights she
ever dreamed – while deep inside
her nascent conscience schemed.

She kissed him wet and fluidly her
lips a sovereign entity that roved
without respite and in the brilliance
of the light that glared from touch
consumed in urgent body heat she
bared her breast and thrust a nipple
in his mouth to suck, crooned
an ancient lover’s rune.

Cradled there in loving arms he smiles
a toothless smile of deep content,
his eyes closed tight, a hank of hair is
clenched in tiny fist that’s anchored in
her ever-brimming heart.
© 5 December 2006, I.D. Carswell 2006