16 June 2008

Comedy In Suspense

False gods are free for the wooing
in this helter-skelter hamlet where
magnates manipulate effects into
particle movements in glass. Power
engendered in 10,000 instances of
random error expands in electronic
measures of statistical farcicality –
a pride of place ascription pulsed on
LED monitors which display no great
ability in the word or any sense of it.

Surreal as it seems the pleasure in
counted hits is mercenary – not a
literary gesture. Reading the word is
small beer and soured expectations;
why is it irony? We bask in shade of
wordsmith peers, revere them with
passion, but play in the pits of murky
marketable reality – a Shakespearean
comedy in suspense. Surely, even The
Bard laughs famously from his grave.
© 26 May 2008, I. D. Carswell