05 April 2008

Wednesday’s Weld

Fitting, I suppose, I learn again
the very things I’m sure I know.
This weld will stand as simple
proof my fond belief exceeds
my better memories. I had to
learn to weld again today, the
thief of skills as old as hills – a
time that never waits, or pays,
just wears a mask and then
instils a fear of simple things.

But finally we struck an arc and
made a fair repair. A lick of paint –
she’ll pass the test; I thus express
a confidence I rarely feel except
when writing poetry. And in this
Wednesday weld my buoyancy
agrees I can review the agonies
that torment me. I hope it follows
true like great resolve – and holds
to paths the bold do thus patrol.
© 12 March 2008, I. D. Carswell