01 July 2008

Making Sense

So you don’t watch TV much these days!
It typically equates to $ and ¢, always in
the real sense; you either pay up front &
get screwed anyway or are pared out of
your dough by what’s on free-to-air. No
relief is at bay, ad pursuit is relentless,
goods you don’t want, indeed never need

pound the screen, stare from billboards,
scream demented messages of “consume
or be beaten”. And it’s useless declaring
fervently – Hey let up a ways – it won’t
buy relief. Ad men believe it divine duty
to buy their wares – as persuasive proof
of your good citizenry and belief in God,

motherhood and our great Nation! So get
shaking, empty your pockets, wear your
flat-wallet patriotism proudly in the name
of all that was & will be Good! But beware,
a little bird said TV scheduling won’t even
change a little bit but the price
of fuel most certainly will...
© 3 June 2008, I. D. Carswell