02 July 2008

I Love You In The Morning (rev)

I love you in the morning and in setting of the sun
in aching hours of darkness before the day's begun
and in a waking solitude to greet the breaking dawn
I grant you sleep an extra hour although you sleep alone.

I love you in the evening and on into the night
I love you and I need you despite our torrid plight;
this battle is anomalous, tensioned in despair –
perhaps a tender measuring of just how much we care.

If loving you were bars of gold we’d both be millionaires,
but love is gold enough for me and money my despair;
I wish your life be full of joy, of triumphs and acclaim,
when all the tumult quietens I’ll be here just the same –

a kettle on the boil, a fire in the hearth
and warmth throughout our tumbled
home, so tender in my heart.
© 26 June 2006, I.D. Carswell