03 July 2008

Thinking Of An Afterlife (rev)

Was Beginning the flower’s
fertilising, or was it deeper,
in earth beneath? No end of
wonderment shall cease this
quest, or know why
it is unknowable.

A universe in a bloom’s cusp;
we glimpse mysterious, grasp
reality, surrender a dearth in
searching finality to find
our earth has nothing hidden
behind, is all that there is –
nothing defined but Being,
believing in power of the bud,
durability of Youth.

When time is upon us we will
descry mortality bequeathed
by our parent dead, viewing
instead a wry but temporal
frailty debasing in fragile strands,
uniting tumultuous past to
petulant futures, and we stand
before the tempest of noon
knowing how with surety
as those who have seen it
our fate is soon –

we shall wilt into the afterlife
our successors allow. And when
they smile in passing – think
of us with affection, why then,
yes then, will be life everlasting.
© 10 February 2005, I.D. Carswell