17 August 2008

The Beans Were Exciting (rev)

I’ve tried cooking in my new Quicksilver jacket,
just an affectation I assure you – no, not the
coat or the cooking but me in the wearing of
it, a distorted form of appreciation.

When I think of it, the gag was fitting. It was
not new but a barely used, zippered surfers’
jacket bought at the Market for five dollars,
waterproof, hooded, lined for lousy weather.

Not a substitute for a chef’s tunic, however it
was warm and reassuring with its embroidered
logo huge on the back, like a doffed personality
peer approved, familiar, somehow inviting.

And thus appropriate for an innovative recipe
of zesty beans with chilli & cheese – spiced with
grated ginger, smoothed by yogurt. Like my
wearing the jacket – the beans were exciting!
© 5 April 2005, I.D. Carswell