17 August 2008

The Last Unicorn (rev)

The last unicorn was never free
to chose another ending, the
plaintive melody entrained
with sweet orchestral strains
enlivening was sundered
in a soured rendition of our
cruelly slewed dominion.

We were never set to let her
free from facile bonds, we
fondly loved mythology too
much to let her go – kept
her chained beyond a dream
of sessile permutation.

It chained us too, we never
knew her beauty but within
the constructs that we drew;
we made her so and when
composer Johnny Webb
expressed it in his song we
cried and said it isn’t so,
she never lived and never
really died, we lied about
forever-after –
but now we know…

“In the distance hear her laughter,
It's the Last Unicorn,
I'm alive... I'm alive”
© I.D. Carswell

Quoted lyrics from ‘The Last Unicorn’ composed by Johnny Webb.
America’s version of the song ‘The Last Unicorn’ is my inspiration;
I have never seen the 1982 film and don’t specifically remember
reading Peter S. Beagle’s book (though I must have, it certainly
strikes a chord)… Perhaps I should if I haven’t.