02 August 2008

Cyber Narcissism (rev)

Formerly: And Cyber Narcissism

The question remains; how many aliases
per dysfunctional sentient are needed to
survive in narcissistic, pathological space?

Those irresistible urges to spawn again and
again, birthing figments of fantasy in a nest
of intrigue, where false identities & specious
claims seem de rigueur – are symptoms and
finite details of a real disease.

Cyber narcissists stalk ersatz fame with an
unhinged and insane energy, gathering cults
of transient, disposable fans as insects to light,
burning brighter each melodramatic iteration.

Somatic and cerebral alike prey in rich waters
unmediated, feeding in epicentres tailor-made
for stalkers, erotomaniacs, denigrators and
plain nuts, sustaining grandiose fantasies,
inflating self-images.

Cinctures of normative behaviour do not apply;
cyber narcissists are addicts of their own provincial
delusion and, where unsatisfied, beware, become
disruptive influences – blaming some other as the
guilty one, as a racist son-of-shaitan.

Addicted or reformed you remain in thrall when
you seek gratification in those hallowed halls...
© 6 December 2007, I. D. Carswell