03 August 2008

Terrestrial Decisions

So, what happened to the World between
when I rode upon it last and then left for
fresher fields? Actually – not a lot I’d say.
Or am I simply far too out of step to join
the fray again? Tunes I hear all seem the
same, or is the beat of change, a portent
in an inconsistency of neatly re-arranged
and rhythmically unseemly aberrations?

I’m estranged, agreed, I know I left for
foreign climes to feed addictions I have
earned by making strangers welcome
here; all the more the merrier I say in
my defence. But why the riot fence with
pennant flags? What’s that meant to say
to refugees? There’s need out there for
folks like me to wave a welcoming –
© 26 June 2008, I. D. Carswell