15 August 2008

A Mad Disease

They’re ha*ry, scary days my fr*ends,
plague *nvades w*th v*rulent *nsan*ty –
*f you’ve felt mal*gned per se compla*n
away to Em*ly; she’s the one th*s s*te
constra*ns to try to keep the peace.

Her role’s no sinecure or light relief,
think of whom she has to please –
could you maintain a database,
equivocate, police, restrain, or ban
behaviours by the disparate?

It’s true that she’s no judge of verse,
that’s okay, who the H*ll is anyway –
but with a strong belief she soldiers on
and neatly meets contingencies that
border lunacy each working day.

I hate to say this ain’t the site it used
to be or wonder why it’s atrophied –
something crawled into the works it
seems, jammed a lever of restraint,
died and spread a mad disease...
© 20 June 2008, I. D. Carswell