16 August 2008

Forever Alight (rev)

Were meetings destined then this
one would take a leading place; the
oracle decreed it fate in a matrix of
moving matter, the signs all clattered
with chance fĂȘted as a sweet benefactor.

When we were separate entities in clear
air on a fair breeze of sailing pleasure,
scheming elements drove us together in a
coincidental confluence of paths, a meeting
in innocence. But unlike ships that pass in
the night sharing glimpses of distant but
unknown consequence – and sail on free in
an unaltered conscience to reach detached
destinations, our passage through life was
irrevocably changed, our courses aligned
by forces beyond our power to deflect.

Do you remember it now? Do you reflect how
it was? In the mornings – in the clear light of
day the freshness of evening stars still brightly
burning remains – heavens forever alight.
© 2005, I.D. Carswell