05 August 2008


You’ll never be Original they say,
and that’s a fact – going back 200
years might make you one, family
and relationships intact. As if you
are impressed or really care. So
what’s the dumb insinuation here?

Being Inbred? Why yes, essentially.
That’s a cold & hard reality allowed
by Peach Trees early pioneers.
The nights were cold, neighbours
warmed themselves abed, extending
family to friends, over & over again.

Flats the bullocks grazed are gone –
timber laden wagons crack and squeak
the narrow tracks in distant memory,
pioneers who cleared the trees remain
as names revered while Peach Trees
tamed became Peachester acclaimed.

Lest you get the wrong idea, locals say
you’re welcome here and warmly greet
the new – ‘tho with watchful eyes they
view and ask in cautious deference your
name in case a vagrant son returns;
then smile and vaguely walk away.
© 26 June 2008, I. D. Carswell