04 August 2008

So Let Us Dare (rev)

How do we discover cures to proof us
of each other? Are there antidotes
attuned to you and me? Can we meet in
spiteful space without effacing hopeful
calm – or cause alarming conflagration?

Our bleeding hearts and noxious farts tie
us in a hopeless chase to free this place
of evil quarks of energy that detonate
without behest; distress the poise we
need to keep our sanity.

Profanity which vents each manic crash
so rends the fabric where we weave our divers
ends and tangles in the warp and weft; we’re
left to ponder with regret the bolt of
cloth unwoven, the promises betrothing,
the futures that are stolen.

And yet there is a silence in the loom,
a space as free of curdled dreams as paradise
appends; it’s crashing quiet assaults the senses,
overwhelms the sad defences, avows
a calm which would eschew an armistice –
a synthesis of each of us, an end of war.

Before we tear the loom apart let us
heed the healing quiet, listen to the tick
of time, hearken to its here and now,
let it invade our where and how and open
up our seething minds before the cloying
blindness sends us mindless.

The quiet and calm and dignity needs no
antidote from me or you nor do we
need a place apart, we start right here in
peace and light and in the dome of silence
where our voices join in common prayer – we
know that we are free to care, so let us dare.
© 2005, I.D. Carswell