26 September 2008

Comms Outrage

Took hours for concerns to graduate
although ‘outrage’ has been alleged
by mouths never actually put out in
the first event. No doubt a few cruelly
inconvenienced complained – waited
impatiently for rectification. Needless
to say after-the-event naysayers are
out in their vociferous droves today,
baying for a pound of flesh.

This fibre optics cable raised louder
complaint than concerns on energy
outages ever did, outages we’re
supposed to grin and bear; the price
of fuel didn’t get a look in! Maybe no-
one wants to despair that much. Yet
a broken cable led to catastrophic
and widespread but short lived
communications system failure.

A contractor cut the cable, which we
can understand – but when backup
systems failed, chaos ensued and we
were left dangling in familiar territory.
Okay, it was fixed by midday and all
systems are go again. Do we blame
Optus, the contractor, the cable or the
fools who seize every weak opportunity
to grandstand their inimical idiocy...?
© 16 July 2008, I. D. Carswell