27 September 2008


Neandertals – in the extreme sense of
brutish looks and inimical cave-mannish
behaviour typifies a class of player which
we’re incensed about. That is not to say
we don’t recognise such an arbitrary use
of the term down-plays what in essence
is the converse of the true ancient man.

Be that as it may, these are rugby union
men at arms, professionals in the game
supposedly played in Heaven. Whether
French, English, Irish, Welsh or a Scot or
two (though only occasionally), they do
not win on angelic looks alone or beatific
deportment – nor are they meant to.

But let me say the term pales into utter
insignificance with the World Champion
Springboks! No disrespect is meant to
worthy endeavour – after all they earned
the accolade, but have they ever learned
to play with flair and finesse? The abuse,
head butts and mongrel effects say nay!
© 15 July 2008, I. D. Carswell

The poem is about 'labels' and 'popular' views,  plus
misconceptions about behaviour! I'm sure Neandertals
would be appalled by a likeness to any rugby player -
let alone a Springbok!