12 September 2008

Cruelly Cynical

To vigilantes burning flags in dark
of night – what a sight you made
on Channel Nine! Wasn’t news as
such, just public distaste uttered
out aloud – or duly orchestrated
by said TV station..., be that as it
may – ‘spontaneously’ declaring
right & freedom to protest events
no decent neighbourhood should
ever have to cop.

No-one stopped to ask – what’s the
sense? The Judge who started all
the fuss is free to wash his hands
without redress. In his view Justice
had been orphaned by the news pre-
trial. Your actions proved him right
at least in that respect – he’s off the
hook and not the one to blame.
Then who?

The paedophile who stood accused
is free to shake his head and blame
whoever he might choose. You’ve
had him moved, again – big deal;
so then who is the cruelly cynical
antagonist for real? Channel Nine
for making TV News perhaps?
© 5 July 2008, I. D. Carswell