11 September 2008

What Does It Take? (rev)

Is the current rate of global warming a serious
and cogent warning? Do we need to think about
the fact that higher tides will drown Pacific island
states within a year or two, or do we listen to the
loosely spewed claptrap backed by pseudo-science
(which says with fervent ease it’s all happened
before, a cyclic phenomenon which is basically
benign and not to worry please)?

Yeah, sure, the weather’s been great though recent
storms were a pest, could rain a little more out West,
or in the storage dams where it hasn’t rained for years.
The best thing to happen would be we get back to
patterns of twenty years ago, or more. For sure.

And some guy who studies the thermocline produces
a thermo-geomorphologic guide, a timetable, saying
we’ve got years before, well certainly not this Century,
any catastrophic event will inundate Mexico City,
Moscow or Sydney. I’m relieved, only metrological
events don’t read, they ride rails we construct.

Next event down that track is on rails set up by a
warm snap one hundred years or more in making;
perhaps that’s why the islanders are shaking sand
off their tapa mats, readying for mass exodus. In the
meantime we use dirty energy, release greenhouse
gas calmly through industrial expansion fuelled by
exponential population growth driven by expansionist
economies without fear of intelligent intervention or
reprieve? Please, what does it take to make the
picture clearer?
© 29 June 2006, I.D. Carswell