02 October 2008

Does Your Semen Smell Like Camembert? (rev)

Does your semen smell like camembert?
It’s just a thought today I had at lunch; I
must have had the hunch before,
perhaps reversed – and then forgot.

It’s not the sort of thought you’d have a
lot unless you tend to make a sport of it –
rather like an onanist with flying fist.
So where did it occur?

I found the block of camembert was hard
as rock – well not as soft I thought it aught
to be, so thirty seconds on each side
would see it micro-waved to body heat.

I agree, I cannot drive a microwave; I couldn’t
save the lump of cheese from running out to
meet me and the slice of rye – though spread
it did with ease. And thus I learned the link.

Should your lover say your semen smells like
fragrant grass take her to task – say it’s really
camembert, and don’t despair if she should
laugh, just micro-wave your jolly staff.
© 2005, I.D. Carswell