01 October 2008

Minding Your Own Business

Quarterly business activity returns
accountably of the least traumatic
anaesthetic-free tooth extractions;
pain lessened parenthetically – a so
to speak advantage in that less time
elapses between foreseeable and
inevitable loss of the documentary
evidences always needed.

Did the June BAS today – on time
and by our standards bullshit free;
inflexibly kept creativity in check.
I claim the ATO owes us again – as
is the endgame. I don’t say they are
in debt to our way of life, nor are we,
but plain sailing like this has taken
years to achieve mutual respect.

Of course there is the prospect that
they are entertained by our deeds,
seeing them as a form of light relief –
as recreational exercise for stressed
investigators. It wouldn’t surprise me
in the least. But they don’t teach us
how to run our business –
so neither do we...
© 18 July 2008, I. D. Carswell