16 November 2008

The Dream (rev)

The Dream

The dream, sheathed sweet
in tender flesh held deferent,
drawn deep in breathless peace
and shrouded calm now rests;
energies absorbed in echoes
of a quietude are stilled,
enmeshed in body languor
by the needs suppressed to steep
in this munificent largesse.
The dream engenders
reveries of calm beyond
a caul of veiled donation,
balm of soothing fluid
easing wicked weals,
healing wounds, appeasing
hungers where the hard-edged
hammers crash their symphony
on yielding, pliant flesh.
The dream
is only ever transient,
a rite of passage brief
but cogent in its depth,
ceding bonds between
the wants and needs,
binding those whose
comforts feed on mutuality.
- And in its dying breath
it shrinks to nothingness
and deftly slips away.
© 4 June 2007, I.D. Carswell