17 November 2008

'The Dream' Awake (rev)

the dream awake
Formerly: Awake, ‘The Dream’
A parody – a tasteless spoof on leaking
lover’s fluids, delight in making light of
night’s largesse, of soulful sex’ congress
in bodily awareness. Insightful whim it might
have seemed or been much more than that,
sounded right in melody as praise; in fact it
was a base and blasé send-up of the way
we seek a glory in our acts of selfish need. 

The words were plain, indeed the climax
came and went like echoes in an empty
head completely drained, the hollow feeling
framed in bliss that bled its warm munificence
in arms wound tight around a dream that
wrinkled wet and weakly waned...
© 10 June 2007, I.D. Carswell